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A Novel Based on a True Story: 

NEW from Elektra Press: The Devil In The Deal

A narrative contemporary crime novel with all the allure and glitter you'd never expect to find in real life, this is the story of an exotic dancer who marries into a family that is even crazier than her own. During an informal meeting, her father-in-law announces his plans to start a family-based marketing company and, with Sheryle's business acumen, quickly turns it into a multi-million-dollar firm. But doing so is not without its consequences. Carl is a seasoned swindler with a crooked past. His indiscretions create a family dilemma when his past catches up with their future. It's either sink or swim for a family that has been held hostage for years by one man's unscrupulous history. In the end, Sheryle's upside-down abusive childhood provides the ticket to surviving drugs, alcoholism, fraud, kidnapping, child abuse, rape, infidelity, and murder.