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How I Did It

I was driven to write my story. That's the best description I can give. I spent days at a time in front of my 1988 Macintosh computer. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I took every writing class that I could take at the University of Utah's continuing ed program. The best thing about that were the critiques that I received from my classmates and instructors. I also had to step out of my comfort zone and submit my writing to family members and freinds. Believe me, that's not an easy step to take. I researched literary agents for years and sent out hundreds of query letters and samples of my writing. I received hundreds of rejection letters, but I kept on writing! Over ten years later...ya, you read that right, over ten years later, I received a response from the Swetky literary agency requesting my manuscript. Hallelujia!  


Faye Swetky liked my story and wanted to represent me, but I needed my manuscript worked over by an editor. I researched a few editors online and submitted parts of my writing and got price quotes. I settled on D.J. Herda. Over a year and a half, we worked on each chapter seperately, sending them back and forth until the editing process for all 27 chapters was complete. Then, I waited. For a publisher. 


Several years later, I received an email from my editor letting me know that my book was going to be published by Elektra Press!


Next step: I had to get reviews. Boy. Again, I had to step out of my comfort zone and ask people for a review of my book. I chose people that had written and published books of their own. I am forever grateful to these people. Again, my manuscript went through more edits. It had to be perfect. Soon after that, my book was right there in front of my eyes on! The Kindle edition was out. Now, for the print copies. They will be out soon!  


It takes a village to  raise a child. It takes a literary agent, an amazing editor, a publisher and friends and family to get a book published! 


Now, for the marketing process. Just because you've got a book on amazon, doesn't mean that you are finished! It's time to sell your goods!

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